Coldwell Banker Hartung and Noblin, Inc.
We are in need of another team member for our top producing agents. The office position available is full time and requires availability Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm. See the job description and how to apply below.

Marketing Director

To develop marketing strategies for the company, and provide marketing tools to agents through print, social and digital media.

  • Create, deliver, edit, and optimize marketing materials
  • Ensure that messages are supportive of and consistent with marketing strategies
  • Supervise social media outreach for Agents on Broker site
  • Deliver content via social media, email, or direct mail
  • Coordinate and deliver email campaigns
  • Mass-mail materials
  • Research industry trends
  • Develop fresh ideas
  • Full understanding of all Agent websites and profiles
  • Illustrate agent concepts by designing original art and creating templates
  • Ensure operation of equipment
  • Maintain technical knowledge and understanding of all Coldwell Banker tools
  • Develop class schedules and direct training classes to provide promotional support for Coldwell Banker tools and industry tools
  • Determine company presence at conventions, board meetings, trade associations, and seminars
  • Maintain relations with customers and agents by organizing and developing events and community involvement

Initiative, Planning, Graphic Design Skills, Layout Skills, Creative Services, Agent and Customer Relationships, Instructing, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Desktop Publishing Tools (Photoshop), Solution-Oriented, Prioritizes, Self-Motivated, Marketing Plan

Please email all resumes to Joy Blomeley, Managing Broker at


  • Communication skills. As a real estate agent, you will work with a variety of individuals and companies on a daily basis. As a result, Coldwell Banker values individuals that have the ability to effectively correspond with all parties involved.
  • Self-starters. Joining the Coldwell Banker team is exciting and rewarding. We are proud to welcome self-motivated individuals who are determined to excel to the next level.
  • Drive for success. At Coldwell Banker Hartung and Noblin, Inc., we value real estate agents who demonstrate ambition and a passion for success. Real estate professionals who are driven to set goals and exceed them often become long-term members of the Coldwell Banker team.
  • Be resourceful & stay organized. In the real estate industry, the ability to stay organized and think on your feet is a valued quality. Our real estate professionals seamlessly tackle many challenges throughout the day thanks to their own system and ability to think outside the box.


  • Mentorship. Coldwell Banker values its team members and works diligently to provide the industry’s best mentorship and training programs to real estate agents. Coldwell Banker Hartung and Noblin treats all agents like family. We look out for one another and share best practices to ensure our brokerage betters collectively.
  • Room to grow. At Coldwell Banker, we take pride in helping our real estate professionals further their career. Working with a leader in Tallahassee real estate means the possibilities for your career are endless.
  • Be your own boss. Although we are a team at Coldwell Banker, our real estate agents enjoy flexible schedules and have control over their workload. Our team members are experts at working independently.
  • Ongoing training. In order to help you achieve success in your real estate career, Coldwell Banker is proud to offer real estate agents ongoing training and professional development opportunities. Our greatest asset is our team of real estate experts and we go the extra mile to help you achieve success.
  • Acknowledgement. We have become a trusted leader in the real estate industry because of our outstanding team of real estate professionals. We value the hard work of our real estate agents and acknowledge top performers for their achievements.

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